Top Experiences In Denmark

Did you think Copenhagen was an expensive city? Make no mistake: discover ten cheap things to do to get out in the Danish capital

It would be a lie to say that Scandinavia is a cheap destination. High salaries and outstanding public services have to be financed somewhere ! This good standard of living is reflected in the cost of Living, which is as high in Copenhagen as in Paris. Don’t despair: with a little planning; it is possible to discover the beautiful and chic Danish capital without ruining yourself. To prepare for your cheap stay in Copenhagen, discover our top 10 things to do without ruining yourself!

Choose a free guide from Copenhagen

Yes, we did say a free visit! Every day Sandemans offers free walking tours of the city (the tour lasts 3 hours) departing from the city hall at 11 am. During your visit, you will have the opportunity to discover the Tivoli Gardens, The Danish Royal Palace and the Marmorkirken, a church built at the time of King Frederick of Denmark.

And when you are told that it is a free trip to Copenhagen, you should know that tourist guides live only tips: if you feel that they have done a good job, do not forget to give them a good tip.

Save money with Copenhagen Card

Even if the Copenhagen Card is a bit expensive – € 51 per day,€ 71 per 2 days,€ 85 per 3 days or€ 113 per 5 days – this card is an excellent investment if you want to visit Copenhagen for one or more days.

It will help you save money by giving you free access to 73 museums and attractions and the city’s public transit system. This card also entitles you to many discounts in restaurants and car rental agencies in the city. This card is particularly interesting if you are traveling with your family: children under ten years old will benefit from the benefits of your Copenhagen Card free of charge!

Visit the free museums in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has a multitude of free museums and art galleries. Be sure to visit the National Museum of Denmark or the National Gallery. Many other museums are free on certain days of the week or special occasions. Do not hesitate to contact the tourist office when you arrive in Copenhagen.

Did you know? The Statens Museum for Kunst, the National Museum of Danish art, offers late nights every Friday night to enjoy its collections and the atmosphere!

Bike and Visit Copenhagen

Copenhagen City Bike is a very well made self-service bike system: the bikes are equipped with a GPS tablet-so you won’t have any more excuses to get lost! Count 30 Danish crowns (about€ 4) per rental hour. There are two ways to rent a bike :

During your weekend in Copenhagen by bike, take a tour around the Nørrebro district or along the quays. In short, enjoy the pleasure of walking around the city!

Explore the Copenhagen Botanical Garden

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Copenhagen is home to many parks and gardens with free access. Many of them host free summer concerts to celebrate. Among them, the Botanical Garden is one of the most impressive green spaces in the city. Built in 1870, it is located in the heart of the city center and extends over no less than 10 hectares. This park is the ideal place to visit in winter in Copenhagen or when it rains: it houses greenhouses where you can discover more than 13,000 plant species.