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Here are the 14 most visited amusement parks in Europe

Disney Parks dominate the most visited theme park rankings in Europe and around the world. Disneyland Paris News

The study unveiled by Themed Entertainment Association and AECOM in May 2018 shows that the ten largest theme park groups in the world — with 476 million visitors — have seen their combined attendance increase by 8.6%

Disney remains the dominant player in the industry, with 150 million visitors in 2017. The parks of the American giant also occupy eight places in the world’s top 10.

The ranking for Europe confirms this photograph, the two Disney Parks on the continent is very well placed.

Here are the 14 most visited amusement parks in Europe in 2017 according to the Themed Entertainment Association and AECOM:

Parc Astérix (France)

Attendance at the Parc Astérix, north of Paris, has increased by 8% in 2017 according to TEA. This increase is explained by the park’s continued investment in attracting visitors, including a new attraction and additional hotel rooms inaugurated in 2017.

Futuroscope (France)

The number of visitors to the park near Poitiers has increased by 5.3% compared to 2016, according to TEA. The park celebrated its 30th anniversary and inaugurated a new attraction in December 2016 as well as a drone show for the occasion.

Alton Towers (United Kingdom)

The largest theme park in the UK saw its attendance increase by only 1% in 2017. A disappointing performance due to the impact of Brexit on consumer confidence, according to TEA.

Legoland Billund (Denmark)

The first Lego park inaugurated by the brand in 1968, and located near its historic factory, saw its number of visitors increase by only 1.4% compared to 2016.

Legoland Windsor (United Kingdom)

As with Alton Towers, visitation to Windsor Legoland park increased little in 2017 (+0.8%) due to the impact of Brexit on consumer confidence.

Le Puy du Fou (France)

The growth in attendance at the Parc vendéen dedicated to the history of France slowed in 2017. It is only 2% compared to 2016 while it was 5% on the previous year according to TEA. According to the association, This is due to the lack of significant novelty in the park.

Gardaland (Italy)

The number of visitors to the park on Lake Garda dropped 9.7% from 2016. Poor results due to bad weather and climate events (intense thunderstorms, floods) during the high season.

Liseberg (Sweden)

The number of visitors to Sweden’s largest park fell by -0.3% compared to 2016. According to TEA, this is mainly due to competition from small leisure parks in the region that are not included in this ranking.

Port Aventura (Spain)

Attendance in Catalan Park has only increased by 1.4% compared to 2016 according to TEA. Port Aventura has inaugurated a second park within its destination, Ferrari Land, which has helped to boost the attendance of the entire site (+19%) but not that of the Park Port Aventura itself.

Tivoli Gardens (Denmark)

This historic park, located in the center of the Danish capital and inaugurated in 1843, operates differently from its European competitors — the entrance ticket is only 14 euros and does not give access to the attractions. Attendance stagnated in 2017 compared to 2016.

Efteling (Netherlands )

The park celebrated its 65th anniversary in 2017 and inaugurated an ambitious new attraction — with a budget of € 35 million — for the occasion. A bet that paid off as it received the THEA Award for Best attraction and the park achieved its target of 5 million visitors, set at 2020, three years ahead of schedule.

Walt Disney Studios Park (France)

The second Disneyland Paris park, inaugurated in 2002, saw its attendance increase by 4.6%. This growth is helped by the 25th-anniversary celebrations of the destination and by the arrival of new animations on the Star Wars theme as part of a special season. The € 2 billion investment plan announced by the parent company in February should allow the park to continue to attract more people.

Europa-Park (Germany)

Attendance at Europa-Park, one of the oldest theme parks on the continent since it was inaugurated in 1975, has increased little compared to its competitors — only 1.8% — due to bad weather during the summer season, according to TEA.

Disneyland Park (France)

The first Disneyland Paris park, inaugurated in 1992, has recovered well from its sluggish 2016, according to TEA. After a drop in attendance due to the attacks of 2015 that hit the Paris region, the park saw its attendance increase by 15% between 2016 and 2017, notable thanks to the major advertising campaigns put in place for the 25 years of the destination and to the new products offered to visitors.